mandag 25. mai 2009

Map of our world

Map of our world at Faculty of Design at KHiO. This is another poster for our «End of the Year Show ´09» («Avgang ´09»). We will basically use this A1 sized map folded as a program we hand out at the exhibition in June. Info about the different contries at the Faculty of Design is on the back. This version is used as an electronical invitation, thats why the typo is so big.

mandag 11. mai 2009

Our web page is up and running!

Welcome to KHiO's end of the year exhibition '09. Here you can find information about the exhibition and the design students.

mandag 4. mai 2009

Postcard Invitations

The Postcard invitations for «End of the Year Show 2009», Faculty of Design at KHiO are ready for print!

This is the postcard for Visual Communication.

This is the postcard for Fashion and Costume Design.

This is the postcard for Furniture Design and Interior Architecture.