onsdag 25. februar 2009

Girl and reindeer

This illustration is a part of my master project. I´m experimenting with different illustration techniques. This is not a technique I normally use.

fredag 20. februar 2009

Work in Progress

This is the very beginning of a project I´m working on right now, together with my class mate Max.

Can you see what it is?


Lucky you, now you get an exclusive sneak peak in to the new visual profile for the «end of the year show» 2009, at Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO), Faculty of Design.

Beware of the sea monsters, and I will show you more later!

mandag 16. februar 2009

Collage of sketches

I´ve scanned some of my sketches and made a collage. But what is it for? Well, it could be anything. I´ve used it as cover for my portfolio, but I also want to use it as wallpaper and print on bed linen too.

tirsdag 3. februar 2009

Treasure hunting on a Ship Cemetery

Right now my partner Ronja and I are working on a fantastic project! This week we´re in this projects headquarter at Stokkøya, Sør-Trønderlag, Norway to work on location. I will tell about this project later.

Yesterday, we went to a big ship cemetery to see if we could find some treasures to use in this project. The procect leader, the architect and Ronja are entering one of the ships.

It was a bit creepy, all the ships were just left behind with tons of stuff. Personal belongings, food, instruments, maps and other things.

Lots of funny buttons!

The drawers were full of beautiful maps, and some stencils.

And lots of funny pictograms!

on - on - on
off - off - off

In one ship, we found all the international code flags! Jabbadabbadoo! We´re going to use them in this project.

One of the ships was russian. The personal wall decorations were exclusively toppless women and christian icons.

«Hello hello, do you read me? Over.»