tirsdag 17. juni 2008

Photo Course with Brian Sweeney

Ingierstrand, March 2008
Photos by Ronja Svenning Berge

Kitsch, Art & Fart

When my grandmothers aunt Jenny died, the family left me a heap of art posters. Since I´m in an art school, everyone seems to think that I´m all exited about art, or what they consider as art: paintings of flowers and sunsets. Of course, I am interested in art history, but I´m not interested in having modernistic art poster on my wall. So I tried to do the best out of it, and decorated a few of them.

Henrik Ibsen silkscreen print

Ibsen poster I made in 2006. The poster show a variety of Henrik Ibsens characters and plays, and they are all misunderstood on purpose. I want people to use some time to figure out the hidden meaning of each character, and to find new details every time they look at the poster.

There are 125 silkscreen prints.

mandag 9. juni 2008

Magazine Cover, Bøygen

Bøygen no. 3 2008, Norwegian literary magazine
Theme for this issue is «anonymity in literature».

Non Nominatus/Nominata (Latin: Not Named)

Photo shoot at the letterpress