torsdag 18. september 2008

My MA-project

On my master degree at Oslo National Acedemy of the Arts, I´m going to work with visual storytelling combined with innovative book design. The only thing I know, is that my end product will be one or more books, but I don´t know what kind of books this will be.

Mass production often present good stories in ugly, cheap looking books. I feel that these ugly and cheap looking books destroys the contents completely. There are so many ways to visualize a story, and a book has so many possibilities when it comes to the visuals.

This first semester I will do reasearch on book art and visual storytelling. I´ve started to work on some small book projects as a part of the reasearch. I want to focus on the small stories, and especially ordinary peoples stories. All the different people I see in the streets every day inspire me, cause they all carry with them innumerable stories.

Everything has a story. I believe all stories can be good stories, it depends on how you tell them.

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  1. Nice Pictures.

    I'm looking forward to se how you'r project is going.